Term and Conditions


  • Online participant

Online participant could attend the event free on charge. Organizer will send online conference link including Zoom, VClass and other notifications through registered email.

  • On-site participant

On-site participant will available on a first come first serve basis. Only participant with on-site confirmation email could attend the event. “Walk-in” registration is not guaranteed the full participation of the event. We encourage all on-site participant to do the online registration in advance of conference.

Event audio/video Recording, Photography and Live Transcript

During ThaiNOG, all sessions will be video, audio and chat recorded for webcasting and archival purposes. Screenshot photographs may be taken by the host/organizer for use in their publications or other promotional material. By attending the sessions remotely, you agree to allow ThaiNOG the unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, reuse, publish, and republish video and/or audio recordings, photographs, presentations or pictures of you or those in which you may be included.

For Live Transcript, The errors or mistranslation may occur due to the difficulties in capturing speaker’s words.
We do not accept liability for any event or action resulting from the content of the transcripts.


Confirmation email will be sent to registrants via provided email on registration process. Please keep the confirmation email for your reference.


On-site participant should inform the organizer that his/her registration is cancelled in advance.
We accept no responsibility for loss or damage incurred by the registrant or any other third-parties.


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